February FingerPricks™: A Diabetes-Inspired Cartoon Series by Haidee Merritt

Haidee-Merritt-February-CartoonOne of your diabetic rights is to not constantly justify yourself to others. There’s really no need for that in today’s world, where grown men wear pajama bottoms in full daylight. Over the years I’ve learned that explaining my actions – ever intending to appear more normal – makes me, in fact, just more self-conscious. Do what YOU need to do without shame or excuse. That crazy, Frenchman Pascal said, “All of our reasoning ends in surrender to feeling.” Now I try to focus on those feelings; most of the reasoning I do is in my own head.

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About Haidee Merritt

Haidee Merritt is a cartoonist and healthcare illustrator who uses art as alternative approach to communicate about diabetes. A published author and former illustrator for both The Diabetes Resource and Diabetes Mine, she is currently Senior Editor at "Insulin Nation/Self/Rx." Her book "One Lump or Two: Things that Suck about Being Diabetic" is where the honesty and accessibility of her work first sprang to life. Having been diagnosed at the age of 2, Haidee knows (oh how she knows!) diabetes isn't inert or predictable; it’s an emotional disease as well as a physical one; it’s a social disease as well as an intensely private one. Haidee hopes to connect with the individual that exists in each person with diabetes, to give voice and identity to the diabetes community, and to remind every person with diabetes - like it or not - they're not alone.

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